10 Reasons You Need To Use SEMrush Over The Long Term

10 Reasons You Need To Use SEMrush Over The Long Term


Let’s find out why using SEMrush long-term is so beneficial for your SEO, Digital Marketing campaign!

CI Add-Ons

Traffic Analytics & Market Explorer gives you instant insights, a thorough analysis of your competitors and the market.

You need to analyze your niche and your competitors monthly to track changes in their marketing strategy quickly and not lose relevant traffic sources.


Analysis Of SEO Domain – Past Data

Remember that your competitors are continuously optimizing their website and content with search engines. And while their keyword position is increasing in rankings, your keyword position may drop so fewer people will visit your page.

With plans using SEMrush Guru or Business, you’ll be able to learn about your competitor’s SEO strategy every month.

You will also be able to analyze past data and analyze which marketing campaigns they have prioritized, and which keywords have generated the most search traffic for their pages.


Keyword Research

Keyword research alone is not enough for SEO to be successful, your competitor can expand their list of target keywords at any time and you will gradually be left out. SEMrush offers the largest keyword database in the market and is updated at least once a month.

Make it your advantage! Expand your keyword list and track changes to your existing keyword list, it will help you to dominate your competitors.


Backlink Tool

Backlinks are still one of the most important ranking factors for Google. However, links can appear, disappear, and break every day, that’s why it’s important to check your link profile regularly.

SEMrush provides a set of tools that will cover the entire workflow, from analyzing competitor links to checking, cleaning up your link profiles, and getting new backlinks.

Keep track of new and lost links, find out about broken pages that have backlinks pointing to, get a list of potential domains for your link building, and start reaching out to them. Remember to always monitor and check on your competitors’ progress and changes every month.


On-Page SEO Testing Tool

After doing keyword research, you need to optimize your content and landing page, SEO On-page Checker tool will help you with this!

Every month, you’ll analyze new keywords that you or your competitors started ranking for, then add them to the On-Page SEO Checker tool and get page-specific optimization suggestions based on your top 10 competitors.


Position Tracking

You’ve found new keywords and optimized your content using SEMrush, now you need to track how your rankings change in Google’s Top 100.

You can create a project, add your keywords and track how their positions change month by month, you can monitor them at the national and regional level or even at the city level.

Your goal is for your keywords to reach maximum visibility to increase customer reach on Google when they are looking for products or services in your industry.

Do you have your SEO plan? Add a set of strategic keywords to SEMrush and track them monthly!


Site Audit

One check of your website won’t be effective enough; even if your site has no errors, there’s a chance that they’ll appear in the future.

That’s why SEO experts recommend checking the technical health of your website at least once a month. Anyway, any page could have an error.

In our tool, you can track more than 130 technical bugs, including problems with AMP and Markup (structured data). If there are many errors on your website, then you need to fix them.

This is a lengthy process, but our tool will provide you with helpful suggestions to quickly fix any problems. Once you’ve resolved an issue, you’ll need to reuse the tool and test the pages. That is the only way you can be sure you got everything right.

Even for experienced professionals, this can take a few months, and after that, you still need to keep track of the status of your website. You will be able to optimize this process using SEMrush!


Content Marketing Toolkit

Creating new content is a part of online marketing that should be done regularly.

SEMrush tools help you through the entire content marketing process. From topic selection to standard SEO writing, to tracking your brand mentions on the web and the performance of the content you write.

Sign up for the Guru or Business SEMrush package for full access to this content marketing toolkit. And lead the market throughout the year!


Social Media Toolkit

Use SEMrush to manage your social media accounts, you can post and analyze your content on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google My Business. Schedule your Instagram posts as well as track your competitors’ performance and launch ads on Facebook services.

Give it a try, this toolkit will become a reliable tool for your long-term social media marketing campaign.


My Reports

SEMrush has great functions for quick self-reporting, you can combine your data from SEMrush tools and Google tools in just one report and present it to your client or manager.

By purchasing the Agency Growth Toolkit, you will create a report with a brand logo, or even white-label reports and use different background themes for your report template.

This feature will fully support your monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting, create beautiful reports and present your results most effectively!


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