5 Forms Of Advertising In Google Adwords

5 Forms Of Advertising In Google Adwords


Google Adwords is currently a business strategy that cannot be ignored for all businesses in today’s e-commerce market.

However, in order to make good use of this communication channel, businesses need to understand the core forms of Google advertising and choose the right plan for the business goals and the type of products that the company is aiming for.

In particular, the following 5 types of Google advertising will definitely help in effective business.

Search Advertising (Google Search)

In this form, users participate in advertising by bidding for keywords. Then based on the bid we set, combined with the calculation of the quality score of the ad through many factors.

Such as: relevance relationship between keywords and ad text, CTR, website quality… Google will arrange the ad display position for advertisers.

Ads Google Adwords Search has the advantage of quickly reaching the target group of customers, bringing a high actual customer conversion rate for stores and businesses using advertising services.

Display Network Ads (Google Display Network)

Google Display Network is a form of advertising where Google will display your ad on Google partner websites.

With the coverage of up to 90% of Internet users worldwide and 180 billion ad impressions per month. Google Display Network advertising is considered one of the best branding marketing channels today.


Shopping Ads

This is considered a form of advertising suitable for businesses with online retail stores.

Specifically, this form of advertising provides full information about products, prices to information about businesses, brands…

This advertising campaign will help increase traffic to the website or local store. potential customers are also more qualified.

In addition, businesses will easily manage advertising campaigns to focus on retail and save costs for businesses.

Because businesses are only charged when a user clicks on an ad. That leads directly to a landing page on the website or a user clicks on an ad that leads to a Google-hosted landing page.

Video Ads

Google will run a video ad to convey the message to customers in the most vivid way. Businesses can create compelling video campaigns with video ad formats to engage customers on YouTube and on the Google Display Network.


Global Application Advertising

This form of advertising is aimed at people using a telephone with an Internet connection. Mobile App ads can be displayed in the form of text, banners, or videos on apps or games for mobile phones.

Unlike the advertisements on the website, Mobile App ads will be smaller in size to suit many different Mobile screen configurations.

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