5 Types Of Mobile Marketing Campaigns That Help Increase Customer Retention Rates

5 Types Of Mobile Marketing Campaigns That Help Increase Customer Retention Rates


Nowadays, the smartphone has become one of the indispensable means in our life. Almost everyone of all ages uses smartphones for study, work, entertainment…

Therefore, there are plenty of good opportunities for you to develop Mobile Marketing campaigns.

Here are 5 Types of Mobile Marketing Campaigns That Help Increase Customer Retention Rates and give users a very special experience that you can refer to.


Although Customer Retention is the most important metric for mobile development. But building brand awareness has the potential to drive user interest and conversion.

Awareness campaigns will help showcase the value your app can deliver.

Some companies do this very successfully through social media channels, or by providing an instant solution to a common problem.

For example, Ogilvy & Mather Paris have partnered with the Scrabble app to provide Parisians with a free wifi connection in locations where wifi is not accessible.

However, in order to access Wifi, users must prove their spell ability. The higher the score, the more time to use the free wifi.

This is considered a very effective approach to user and application awareness.


In fact, transactional campaigns are very helpful in driving engagement. According to statistics, transactional campaigns have 8 times more open rates and interactions than traditional email marketing.

Sending thousands of trading campaigns exclusively for every user, however, can be overwhelming and ineffective.

Instead, a trigger campaign is a great idea for automating engagement.

For example, when a user orders from the Walgreens app, they’ll receive an order confirmation email and provide a time to ship it.



Effective Onboarding campaigns help users learn more about your app. You can create a unique “tour” of the app, highlight key features or list the great benefits of your product.

A very good example of this Onboarding campaign is the Headspace app. The app sent a very interesting email to each new user, welcoming them to the app, and clear instructions on how to take advantage of it.

In addition, this application also offers a roadmap for users to know exactly what they will get after completing the basic knowledge.


Promotion is probably the most popular campaign type for consumers. However, the consideration of the number of promotions also has a huge impact on the effectiveness of this campaign.

The most important thing when it comes to Promotion campaigns is finding the best balance based on user behavior and preferences.

Specifically, advanced segmentation and user data analytics help you understand your users on a psychological level, allowing users to be targeted with promotions they are genuinely interested in.

In addition, geotagging is also a very effective idea for user targeting. For example, UK Pizza Hut used a geographic zoning system and SMS marketing for its pizza incentive program.

They set up geofencing locations within a half-mile radius of each Pizza Hut location. SMS subscribers receive a bonus if they are within half a mile of the store location.


General Updates

Notifying users about app changes and updates is one of the most popular and effective Mobile Marketing methods available today.

For example, for fitness apps, you can notify users about a new exercise update.

As for real estate applications, it could be an announcement of a new home already on the market or an offer pending.

The Songkick app takes this General Updates campaign by informing users about concerts of their favorite artists.

In fact, no campaign type is the best. Therefore, you should use a combination of all these campaigns to quickly bring more benefits and effectively attract customers.

In addition, you should also combine the right tools to be able to evaluate which campaigns are really suitable and be able to refine your marketing strategy to optimize user retention and promote the development of the app in the future.

Thank you so much for your reading to the end!

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