6 Lessons From Online Business Experience On The Website

6 Lessons From Online Business Experience On The Website


If your business intends to do online business on the Internet to market to customers. Surely you must pay attention to the following 6 lessons:

Need A Website To Online Business

Doing business on the Internet is an inevitable trend of businesses and individuals. They want to promote and sell their products through websites and social networks.

Especially, the demand for information search through Search accounts for 70-80% of the effective and targeted customers that businesses and individuals want to target.


Website Must Mobile-Friendly

The trend of users turning to mobile to search for information is very high. Currently, about 50-60% of website visitors come from mobile sources and that percentage is increasing compared to accessing from desktop. Through the above numbers, you can see the importance of a website to be mobile-friendly.


Website Must User-Friendly

Make sure your site is easy to navigate. And be sure to optimize your site for local users, if you do, your website will rank well in local searches.


Uses Website’s Domain Name

An email address not associated with a domain name makes customers look unprofessional. And a branded email will help showcase your URL whenever someone sees your email address.

Phone Number

Use contact phone numbers so that customers can easily see them. Can be placed at the top of the page, the right column, the bottom of the page. And pay special attention to the bold color to highlight the contact number.

It will increase your conversion rate from website visitors to customers. Especially, do not forget to put the contact number in the product introduction.

Build Brand Identity

If you print business cards, flyers or advertisements anywhere, don’t forget to include your Website address in it, not just the logo.

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