6 Misunderstandings About Chatbot That Businesses Often Make

6 Misunderstandings About Chatbot That Businesses Often Make


For longtime online shop owners, the use of chatbot tools has become quite familiar. Chatbot not only helps reduce workload, optimize efficiency, but also is a great marketing tool to help increase revenue.

But not everyone knows how to apply Chatbot effectively. Below I will point out 6 misunderstandings about Chatbot that business owners often make. With the advice from marketing experts, help you apply this tool best.

There is no denying the growth of chatbot in recent years: Chatbot will account for 85% of customer interactions by 2020, more than 10 thousand developers globally are involved in building and developing chatbot.

Today, Chatbot is no longer a strange tool for Online dealers. Chatbot is known as a virtual assistant that helps shop owners, business owners take care of customers automatically, save time, optimize conversion rates. However, besides the basic questions about how to use chatbots like:

[+]   How do I build a Chatbot?

[+]   How do you provide the highest value to your customers on Facebook Messenger?

[+]   How do you generate more subscriptions and start more conversations?

Now Chatbot experts and developers want users to pay more attention to common mistakes when using Chatbot to improve and maximize the efficiency of this amazing tool.

Myth 1: Chatbot Can Completely Replace Page Staff

If you think Chatbot is something smart and transcendent that can completely replace you chatting with customers, you are wrong.

In essence, Chatbot is only built if the conversation between you and the customer is simpler and faster, avoiding the loss of interest by the customer when waiting for a long time.

Basically, Chatbot will replace you more and better if you focus on perfecting chatbot’s conversations with customers instead of other factors such as chatbot interface, Facebook Messenger policies…

The reality is that your customers prefer to communicate with support staff rather than with machines. So it’s a good practice to have a natural conversation like with a human and personalize the conversation.

Technology can make the conversation faster and more scalable, but the human factor, especially the specialist that tracks and optimizes Chatbot content is very important.

Myth 2: Chatbot Cannot Replace Customer Care Calls

According to research from Facebook, more than 56% of their users choose to chat directly with businesses instead of calling customer service and more than 67% of users want to interact with more businesses.

If you are mainly taking care of customers through direct calls, then you should change and integrate chatbot to support customer care, you will be surprised at customer response after a while.

In particular, now you do not need to spend time or effort to refine or build a sophisticated scenario. You just need to select the appropriate sample scripts available in the chatbot tool and edit a little to have more shop colors.


Myth 3: Messenger Is Not An Advertising Channel

The number of people using Messenger apps as well as Facebook is huge. So it can be considered as a potential advertising channel, to build relationships with customers.

So doing Messenger Marketing is about developing online conversations, and scaling, so that customers feel closer.

You should focus on nurturing customer relationships with compelling autoresponder scenarios, routine customer care flows, and familiar language. Don’t miss this great marketing channel.

Myth 4: Chatbot Is Just An Automatic Answering Tool

Not many people really believe that chatbot marketing will be effective in the sales & marketing field. Some people even mistakenly think that chatbot is just a simple communication tool with customers.

This is really wrong because the development of chatbots in recent years has opened up countless applications for the sales & marketing field in cost reduction, marketing automation, sales in enterprises and revenue sucks leads file extensions.


Myth 5: Using Chatbot Is Separate From Facebook Messenger Ads

Chatbot marketing promises to be an extremely effective re-marketing channel to help you increase sales significantly while saving advertising costs.

In particular, this is even more advantageous when Facebook launches an advertising campaign “Sponsored Messages”.

This combination of Chatbot and Facebook ads will give you a great set of remarketing tools to fully exploit existing customer files, with in-depth scenarios, segmentation of customer care files according to each different customer needs.

Myth 6: Do Not Use Chatbot To Support Other Platforms

What do you do if your email marketing campaign returns too low open rates? You will continue to maintain email marketing while the effectiveness of this marketing channel deteriorates or you will leave this traditional marketing channel.

The advice from experts is to combine with chatbot marketing, help collect customer information proactively and then connect with the email system to professionally care for customers. The smooth use of the two platforms brings a natural marketing automation system with high efficiency.

Not only that, you can completely use chatbot to attract customers from the store to the Fanpage thanks to Chatbot Wifi. And from other Online channels such as Twitter, Instagram, e-commerce channel, Website to the sales on Chatbot.

At the same time, it stores information that customers use for Re-marketing purposes instead of the old SMS channel, with low open rate and inability to measure results.

By combining Chatbot with other platforms, you can build a closed Marketing Automation circle – the marketing trend that is being applied by big companies.


Thank you so much for reading my article to the end.

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