7 Mistakes When Running Google Adwords Yourself

7 Mistakes When Running Google Adwords Yourself


Usually, business owners who want to save time will often do Google Ads themselves or hire individuals and units to run ads. However, Google always updates the standard day by day. If you are not an individual who specializes in this area, it is very easy to make mistakes.

So what mistakes should you avoid when running a Google Ads campaign? Here is a summary of the 7 most common mistakes when running Google Ads yourself that few people can expect.

Choose The Wrong Type Of Keyword

Currently, there are 3 types of keywords that anyone who does Google Ads should learn and be familiar with. Each type of keyword will have different uses. There are many people who easily make the mistake of using the wrong type of keyword. So how are these 3 types of keywords different and how to use them?

Broad Match

Broad keywords allow your ad to appear when users don’t need to type in your target keyword completely.

For example: If your keyword is “best mechanical keyboard”, then when customers type in the search bar keywords like “best mechanical gaming keyboard”, “best mechanical keyboard for gamers”, “best mechanical keyboards”… your ad is also likely to appear.

What does this mean? During the customer journey, even if the customer has not yet converted from a lead to a target, there is a high chance that your ad will still appear when the customer just intends to find out information by searching. how to type a few keywords into Google.

To enter broad keywords, simply add the keyword to your Ads settings page and don’t use any kind of punctuation – no quotes, no parentheses, no single quotes.

Phrase Match Keyword

When you set your target keyword as a cluster keyword, your ad will only appear when the user enters the exact order of that keyword.

For example: If your keyword phrase is “best mechanical keyboard”, your ad will appear only when a customer types in the exact order “best mechanical keyboard” into the search bar.

However, ads will also appear when customers enter the search bar-related keywords but provided that the target keywords must be in the correct order asset.

For example, your ad will also appear if a customer enters “where to buy the best mechanical keyboards” or “where to buy the best mechanical keyboards” but does not appear when typing “best to buy keyboards” where is the mechanical keyboard” if your target keyword is “best mechanical keyboard”.

Exact Match Keyword

With the correct keyword type, your ad will only appear if customers enter 100% and completely correct your target keywords. That is, when you set the target keyword as “best mechanical keyboard”, the ad will only appear when you enter “best mechanical keyboard” in the search bar.

To add exact keywords to your ad settings, you use square brackets: [best mechanical keyboards]

According to studies, the exact keyword will convert better than the other two types of keywords. But the average monthly search volume will be lower than for broad keywords.

For best results, you can combine all 3 of these keywords simultaneously using Cascading Bis method. The way it works is to set the highest price for exact keywords, the average price for cluster keywords, and the lowest for broad keywords.

Don’t Use Negative Keywords

This is the biggest Advertising error when starting to implement Google Ads. Google processes about 6 million difficult words every day, and the number of new keywords accounts for about 15%.

By using a negative keyword, you can exclude keywords that are not relevant to your product or service. Negative keywords also help reduce costs and increase ROI (return rate).

For example, if your target keyword is “marketing course”, you add “free” to your negative keyword list. And this means your ads won’t appear when users enter “free marketing course”

Many experts in the field of Google Ads make the mistake of ignoring the importance of adding negative keywords to the list, then wondering why Ads are not delivering high conversions.

According to statistics, negative keywords will help you increase the quality score of Google Ads.

No Geographical Zoning

When you enter the stage of optimizing your ads for marketing strategy, don’t skip the step of zoning the target audience that you and your business are targeting.

The specific selection of customer locations helps your Google Ads show better and increase conversions. In addition, it helps you reduce the cost of running Ads for non-key areas.

Wrong Landing Page Or Landing Page Without Contact Section

Landing Page is the page displayed when customers visit your Ads. Usually, people are often advised to make the Landing Page the homepage of the website. This is partly true and partly false. Therefore, the best way you should set your Landing Page to be the most relevant page to the ad content.

Another point to note that many people now have is forgetting to add contact information to the Landing Page. These are extremely necessary information to help increase the conversion rate into profit.

Only 1 Ads Variation Per Ads Group

If you only have 1 version of an ad, it’s really hard to compete with ads from other businesses in the Google Ads rankings.

And of course, you can completely create a version with all the keywords you are targeting. However, this is not the best choice.

You also have a better option that is to experiment by creating different versions.

For example, your keyword is “mechanical keyboard”

I will create 3 versions of ads for this keyword:

   [+]   Popular advertisement: Mechanical keyboard shop

   [+]   Product Category Advertisement: The most popular mechanical keyboards

   [+]   Advertise specific products: Fuhlen mechanical keyboard for gamers

Testing lasts for about 1 month, the results you’ll get back will show you which versions of your ads aren’t performing well. Then you can tweak the best version yourself to get more amazing results.

Do Not Promote Your Brand

In fact, this is still a controversial issue.

Should the brand name be put in the Google Ads keyword list?

And like many comments, if the user has already entered your brand name directly in the search bar. That means the ability to convert into customers is extremely high.

But in my opinion, you should still deduct part of the advertising costs for your brand name.

One thing is for sure, you wouldn’t want your brand name to be featured by a competitor’s ad, right?

After a period of time when your brand has a certain foothold. You can withdraw this budget, invest in SEO to save costs significantly.

One final advantage is that unbranded Google Ads can help neutralize negative news and deliver better messages through the SERPs.

Don’t Understand Profit And Profit Conversion

If you’re running a business, even offline, it’s important to track conversions and margins. The purpose of this is to help your business improve revenue in the long run, not simply achieve short-term profits.

The same goes for PPC (Pay Per Click) ads. What you need to do is set the switch from the “Tools and Analysis” option.

This will save you money as you have a clear understanding of how much profit you want to generate and what conversion rate you will have.

Here is a simple formula that will assist you to calculate the profit margin for your Google Ads strategy:


This formula does not apply to all industries. You should understand your business yourself and test and adjust to get the best results.

Thank you so much for reading to the end…

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