7 Ways To Save Costs When Doing SEO!

7 Ways To Save Costs When Doing SEO!


For businesses, saving costs is a not new topic and constantly being mentioned in meetings every week, every month.

From the perspective of an Agency specializing in Google Marketing, I realize that a lot of SEO activities being implemented in the business can be completely minimized or planned before starting SEO, to save company budget, time, and resources.

Let’s find out in detail 7 ways to save costs when doing SEO has been learned from hundreds of SEO campaigns.

Onpage Optimization Right From The Website Construction

Onpage optimization is a very important job in any SEO project.

However, when building a website (in the past), this is not a priority requirement for many businesses.

This has resulted in many businesses having to spend a lot of money when starting SEO to optimize Onpage, whether you outsource or self-deploy.

Moreover, this mid-level optimization can be very complicated for websites that don’t use CMS or open-source code to build websites. Comes with it are higher repair costs and more time consuming, not to mention not everyone can undertake.

Currently, most website builders have integrated SEO optimization right into their service packages. However, if you have the intention to do SEO, please check carefully or ask the participation of the SEO Agencies to ensure your website is truly SEO standard.

In my Overall SEO process, Onpage optimization will be the first job done; because Onpage is not good, it will affect the ability to read and understand the content on the website.

Although the content is good, it is still difficult to reach TOP; thereby increasing the time to do SEO, increasing the opportunity cost of the business.

Research Carefully The Keyword Set Of The Whole Industry

With years of SEO experience, I think conversion can come from any keyword. So inadequate keyword research will make businesses miss keywords, potential topics that can generate conversions and even revenue.

Doing SEO for too many keywords or just SEO for the product keywords will cause the business to waste resources.

If the SEO business has too many unrelated keywords, not focusing on the groups of words that their target customers are looking for, it will be a great waste.

Contrast product category keywords, many businesses think that doing fewer keywords, only focusing on high search volume keywords is saving.

However, in practice, the SEO of some such keywords is not as economical as you think.


If you’re merely doing quality SEO content to push the Top, there’s a high chance it won’t be able to hit the desired position with super-competitive short keywords; even if you are a big brand, it takes 1-2 years to occupy TOP with this keyword.

To do this, businesses will need to invest a lot of resources in building backlinks, satellite sites, writing PR articles, even spending money on traffic … So it takes a huge amount of money to push TOP these words.

More importantly, in order for SEO to be a short keyword, you must SEO a lot of informational keywords, other long keywords.

In the Google Search Quality Guideline, they always emphasize your site to be appreciated, a business website should have a high degree of authority.

This means that your page should be a trusted authority on the topic in question.

And there are 2 ways for you to prove to Google that your page is an authoritative source on a topic:

[+]   There are many backlinks pointing to

[+]   Provide lots of valuable content to users around the main topic

Therefore, businesses need to provide useful information, related information about their product services to customers through long keywords; rather than just focusing on category pages, products.

So, the cost and effort for you to SEO for short, competitive words is also equal to your SEO for long keywords, not saving more as many businesses think.


Don’t Waste Traffic On The Site

One of the reasons why many businesses fail in SEO is the fact that they do not see any growth in revenue or contribution to the business of this online marketing form.

To avoid such cases, businesses need to think more deeply than just finishing up to the Top.

You need to understand that SEO is not just about being TOP, the essence of SEO is reaching potential customers in the search network environment.

Compared to offline marketing activities, no business invites customers to enter their store and let them look around and go out without any contact.

At least have a customer care worker come to ask if they need advice or not. If you do it well, you can collect customer data, and even convince them to spend money on the purchase.

Businesses also need to apply that mindset to doing SEO.

Navigate traffic, use banners, internal links, CTA, and on-page conversion optimization methods to take full advantage of the traffic sources obtained from SEO.

Let those traffic at least turn into data, email subscription leads; since then, the business continues to have other marketing activities aimed at this audience to convert it into sales. (email marketing, remarketing, telemarketing, etc.),

The consequence of the above work is to increase the ROI for SEO activities.

With each SEO project, it takes at least 6 to 9 months to see results. During that time, businesses have spent a lot of money and money on personnel and infrastructure. Not to mention, if you do not continue to maintain, your opponent can completely rise.

Don’t let your SEO effort be wasted in such vain!

Do Not Spend Money On Spam Backlinks Or Pumping Virtual Traffic

Traffic is an important factor in evaluating Google rankings, the same goes for Backlink.

That is why many SEOs want to manipulate these two factors in order to push keywords to the TOP quickly.

Pumping virtual traffic, spam backlinks in bulk are commonly used “black hat” tactics.

And these tricks actually work amazingly well if you did SEO about eight years ago. Before Google introduced algorithms like Penguin to punish sites that adopted this approach.

In the context of Google being increasingly smart, you absolutely can not surpass Google with those tricks anymore; now doing it just makes the website be penalized only.

So don’t spend useless money on these tricks; instead, focus on content or build backlinks through more formal ways such as guest posts, providing relevant information on forums, newspapers … Or leveraging relationships. Us in the same industry to exchange links.

Outsource Content – More Economical But Need To Be Careful

In my experience, outsourcing standard SEO articles will be more cost-effective than hiring yourself.

If you only compare the average price per post, hiring collaborators will save no more than official employees.

But collaborators will not lose the cost of insurance, space, and other surcharges.

However, in the SEO article writing market, it doesn’t cost money. Enterprises still need to note that they should not hire parties with prices that are too cheap because sometimes too cheap will return poor quality articles, a unique rate is not high. It’s not even usable at all, and you will have to re-edit most of the post’s content.

In the end, the cost of building content is not only not economical, but also higher than usual.

You should remember that the ultimate goal of the business is still the quality of the content that meets the business expectations and SEO standards.


Have A Clear SEO Plan

With a clear SEO plan, businesses will identify and know in advance the specific tasks to be performed.

Since then, there will be a plan to prepare in advance so that you do not spend more time on SEO.

But for a business, time is money and opportunity cost.

Predefined help businesses proactively perform the optimization, meanwhile, I do other SEO tasks in parallels, such as content creation or keyword research.

Without such a clear SEO plan, it is very likely that the project will fall into a state with full content but the website is still not SEO standard.

Since then, the effectiveness of SEO is not optimized and makes businesses lose more time to do SEO.

Apply Support Tools When Doing SEO

In the process of doing SEO, it is inevitable to avoid repetitive work but do not need too much expertise.

Like posting, sharing articles on social media, optimizing SEO standards, etc.

So instead of using human resources to do, using tools will help businesses save a lot of time in implementing SEO.

In addition to execution tools, businesses should also invest in job management tools such as Asana, Jira, Wrike; or even using Google Sheet / Excel is fine if you are comfortable with it.

I would like to suggest some implementation tools that can help businesses reduce SEO time:

[+]   Onlywire: Use support for sharing posts on social

[+]   Serprobot: Fast and accurate keyword check

[+]   Screaming frog: A tool to study on page website

[+]   Keywordtool.io: Use simple keyword research.

[+]   Ahrefs: Competitors, backlinks, and keyword research.


With the above methods, I myself have saved a lot of costs and manpower in implementing SEO.

Therefore, I believe that these methods will be extremely helpful in terms of saving costs when doing SEO when self-deploying at the enterprise.

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