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Thank you for choosing IM Fighters Team! We have been working in the internet marketing world for nearly 5 years. We have generate decent income streams in different areas but earning money with website monetization from Google Adsense is our favourite one. Simply because we just need to set up once and money keeps rolling in passively. Our dedicated team will help you out to succeed in this proven money-making method! Don’t worry about any shortages of knowledge, experience or technical skills as we will walk you from the setting up to monetizing your website! Enjoy the training and make some serious cash!

5 Benefits Businesses Get When Using Google My Business


For every local business, having a Google Business (GMB) listing is really important. If you don't have a list or a list you haven't been up to in a long time, you are losing the ability to attract potential customers. It is said that Google Business listing is the new homepage on your website. Before diving into the benefits of Google Business, we need to explain what it is.

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Heatmap: Handbook From A-Z


Heatmap: Handbook From A-Z Heatmap is a tool that analyzes the behavior of your website users, like what headlines they like, what they notice about the web, what catches their eye, or what gets overlooked. For those of you running a website, this is a must-have to ensure a productive …

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What Is Digital Marketing? Top Skills Digital Marketer Must Know


What Is Digital Marketing? Top Skills Digital Marketer Must Know Digital Marketing is a smaller piece of Marketing, requiring more in-depth knowledge of basic marketing strategies and creativity. If you are considering trying out Digital Marketing, let’s find out what skills are needed and what is the job of a …

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