Instant Maze Generator Review- Create your own 100% Unique Maze Books in minutes

Instant Maze Generator Review


Hi there, welcome back to my Instant Maze Generator review,

A very long time ago, writing was only intended for those who truly had the ability to write and an endless passion for writing. Writers have to require a lot of skills as well as excellent ability to become attractive writers and stand out from other talents. Readers also change the way they use books and book creators need to follow that track.

Long-term and sustainable development brings many challenges to content makers. Not only do they have to be more creative, but they apply many modern and high-tech methods so that their products can meet the tastes and standards of readers.

Nowadays, we can easily come across people reading e-books rather than traditional paper books. Amazon is a giant with a big and far-sighted vision. They know how to attract their customers from every segment while always making things convenient and easy for customers. They create KDP where book publishers can issue their books, where they can meet book lovers.

However, not everyone can be successful in KDP, there are hundreds of thousands of authors with millions of drawn titles that users can freely choose. One question is how can you both show your passion for writing and still earn money and more importantly stand out on this platform.

After more than 10 months of research and testing, X launched the Instant maze book product offering many solutions and ways for all authors to sell their books on KDP and get a fat gain.

To know how great it is, don’t wait any longer and read my Instant Maze Generator review.


Instant Maze Generator Review- Product Overview

Creator Niranjan Pradhan & BP Mishra
Product Instant Maze Generator
Official website
Front-End Price $67 one-time
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Levels
Niche Tool & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

What Is Instant Maze Generator?

Instant Maze Generator is a 5-in-1 cloud-based platform that provides you with a number of capacities to create a maze book. It includes many cutting-edge features that help bring the best experience for book publishers.

With this supporter, you can easily create and have your own ebook. Moreover, it can help you to be outstanding from the crowd, your book will be in the top rank, and you can make a huge profit from selling books on Amazon KDP.

Who Is Behind This Product?


The authors of this product are Niranjan Pradhan and BP Mishra. Niranjan Pradhan is a low-content publisher on the Amazon KDP platform and he runs his printables business on Etsy as well.

Along with their business partner BP Mishra, they create some high-quality software apps for publishing businesses and for other publishers with similar businesses like them.

They released a few puzzle-creation apps, their tribe requested a maze-creation app as that was a problem that many customers were facing in their respective publishing businesses.

Let’s take a look at Niranjan’s sale history, his product always get thousands of sales for each and get tons of great feedback from their customer:


How to create a maze book with Instant Maze Generator?

Creating a maze book may require you a lot of skills and tasks, if you are a newbie, this should be challenging. You have to take part in many courses that can help you to know inside and out the method of making a maze book.

However, with Instant Maze Generator you just need to do everything in 4 steps:

Step 1: Log in to your account.

You just need to plug in your account from anywhere. It does not have any complex policy, you can easily do it.


Step 2: Create a project

The special point is you will click on the create collection button and add your name for your project and you are done. You do not need to think about the content or design. Everything is ready for you.


Step 3: Create and customize your maze

This step allows you to fix and change anything that you want to make your maze become perfect, there is a dashboard you can use to customize the maze KDP book.


Step 4: Download your maze



Instant Maze Generator Review- What do you actually get from this appliance?

You will be getting some types of maze shapes:

★   Rectangular mazes: with this maze, you can know what customers need for a maze book that will be sold on Amazon KDP.

★   Circular mazes: this allows you to mix and match some puzzles from that customers can experience more activities from your book

★   Hexagonal mazes: This undertakes the complex steps to a new level, it helps your book have a catching look and be all the rage to everyone.

★   Octagonal mazes: this is a head turn, it includes all you need to control and observe your track.

★   Triangular mazes: consists of within the app come with some cool bells and whistles that can give a brand new look to your maze book.

The core features that you can ignore to create a stunning maze book:

  ♦   Settings dashboard:

 The dashboard shows you how to control and gives you commands to operate your maze book. You can easily understand the structure and the look of your ebook. This is a cutting-edge feature, it does not require a lot of complex movements to work.

  ♦   Multiple trim size:

There are plentiful trim-size collections, you can choose any size you want for your maze book. You do not need other tools to help you to trim, you can do it inside this app.

  ♦   Multiple page numbering styles:

You know the look is the vital feature that can decide if your customer buys it or not. Therefore, this app offers you a number of styles, you can pick one and decorate for your own maze boo, your desire can be served with this capacity.

  ♦   Multiple solution styles:

You need to select from the options of having 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 maze solutions per page and shuffle between solution page layouts in a single click.

You can actually have some fun using dotted and dashed styles, pick what you like from the three solution styles available inside your dashboard.

  ♦   Slow hide page margin:

You can see if you have got all your content within the margins and are able to upload it to the KDP interface without any problems. Toggle between the show and hide options easily.

  ♦   Set up 5 types of the maze:

You can have most of the maze types: rectangular, circular, triangular, hexagonal, and octagonal mazes in a matter of minutes. It will not take you an hour to set up, with a click you can do all.

  ♦   Puzzle regenerations:

If you feel your maze book is not appealing and want to start another one, you can click on the button and Instant Maze Generator will show you a completely new solution path. There is a backup solution so you do not worry that the format will be the same or repeated. It is a totally new one.

  ♦   Show hide solution:

When working with books with multiple pages you need to visualize the solution path of the mazes without having to scroll to the solutions pages at the end of the books. That’s where the Show/Hide solution option comes in handy. Switch it on and off to see and get rid of the solution paths on your maze.

  ♦   Maze background color:

You select the color you want to change for your maze book, then apply it to the background, and make an edition if you want.

  ♦   Maze wall color:

Firstly, you choose the color for your maze wall in the provided palette, then change it.

  ♦   Maze solution color:

Just pick and choose from the available color palette and change the solution path color in one click.

  ♦   Custom wall thickness:

You just need to drag and drop to change your wall, you can see your result on the canvas in real time.

  ♦   Custom solution path thickness

  ♦   Maze complexity selector:

You can use the inbuilt complexity settings to set up and create from the kid’s maze to the adult’s maze. Its function allows you to make anything from the super simple steps to the most complex steps.

  ♦   Drag and drop editor:

You have a right to control your titles and descriptions. Not just titles and descriptions, you can add as many or as few text boxes as you need on your pages.

You can create beautiful low-content book pages right inside the IMG application with the drag and text editor.

  ♦   900+ font options:

There are a bunch of font options that you can choose and change for your maze books, it will make your products become more creative and different.

  ♦   Change font color:

You can use the provided color palette to change the font colors based on your requirement, it is such an essential feature for the printable seller

  ♦   Download full your maze books:

You can download mazes unlimited, the multi-page maze books are available for you to keep it yourself. You get output in 300 DPI, perfect for printing as per Amazon KDP standards.

  ♦   Download individual puzzles:

You can be with the local download option available in the app if you want to download an individual maze. With just a few clicks and steps, you can have fully formatted mazes with solutions downloaded.

  ♦   Multiple file formats:

Pick and choose the exact format you want to download your mazes or books.

They provide as much flexibility as possible. You can download your mazes or maze books in three convenient formats: PNG, JPG, and PDF. Pick and choose the exact format you want to download your mazes or books.

  ♦   Quick book creator:

This is a wonderful and powerful trait that you can create a full attractive book with a thousand custom mazes in record time.

Just pick up the number of mazes for each type, select the complexity level and click on the Create Book button to have an amazing book poised to download. It can be titled, page numbering, solution pages…everything is done by the app automatically for you.

  ♦   Maze solution link:

Instant Maze Generator connecting the solutions to the respective mazes is done automatically, you will not be tedious when trying to create a maze book. Should you shuffle the pages, erase or add some of the mazes in your manuscript the solution numbering will be automatically and ready for you

  ♦   Support:

They have a support team 24/24. You can contact them for your question, they will dedicate their support and answer until you get the final result. You will never be alone in this journey.

Instant Maze Generator Review- What does it benefit you?

To become a professional writer and have your books in the top bestsellers of all time, you need to own this product. I’ll give you some reasons why I think you need it so much:

1. You can create a maze book on your own:

Instant Maze Generator gives you the method of creating a book and making a cover instead of using the conventional ways. You do not need to spend many days writing books and a couple of weeks waiting for verification.

2. You don’t need to use online puzzle creation apps:

Because you can waste a lot of money on that but the results may sometimes not meet your needs. Also, you can lose your monopoly and copyright. This makes your business unsustainable.

3. You can save a lot of money when you don’t need to pay a professional designer for your maze books:

This includes a bundle of +900 fonts, colors, and designs you are able to choose and change constantly.

4. You can skip your considerations about how to create a maze book when you know nothing:

You don’t need to have drawing skills, knowledge of design software, create a maze book with appealing content, and how manage your business and get access to customers.

Instant Maze Generator is a key that has everything you need. You merely upload books and sell them, waiting for the profits.

Instant Maze Generator Review- Pros and Cons


➔ No monthly fee: you just need to pay one time

➔ With $47 for a bunch of capacities from content creator to graphic

➔ Perfect and easy for beginners

➔ No experience and design skills needed

➔ A powerful dashboard and provided palette help you to easily decorate and customize your maze books

➔ Well-prepared contents and looks make your maze books get more attention from readers

➔ Having a backup solution path, color, the background provides you with a lot of ways to fix and change and definitely refresh your maze books.

➔ A good price ever

➔ 5-in-1 solution for content creators with NO monthly costs or extra tools needed

➔ Easy to create and publish more books in the quick time

➔ Many customer segments are accessible


➔ Until now, there is none


Who should buy this Instant Maze Generator?

This product is intended for the author, content creator, and book-lover who wants to publish their own ebook on the biggest ebook platform now. If you want to become more professional and skillful, you can choose it as the number 1 solution.

Whereas you also possess it if you are interested in selling books but you don’t have any experience or writing skills.

There are a number of cool features that are done for you. They help you decorate, and upload books, and even have many different types of maze books you can take a look at.


Instant Maze Generator Review- Price and Upsell

It costs only $47 to own, if you know the real price of its included functions, you may be shocked.

Your total paying may be up to $2800 for:

[+]   Intuitive point-and-click dashboard helps you edit maze book settings in a jiffy – value $197

[+]   Multiple trim size options available for your manuscript so that you can create maze books in your preferred layout – value $97

[+]   Multiple page numbering styles for enhanced flexibility when it comes to designing your pages – value $97

[+]   Show or hide page margins to enable KDP-compatible manuscripts – value $97

[+]   Rectangular, circular, triangular, hexagonal, and octagonal maze creator – value $497

[+]   Maze regeneration…just click a button and reshuffle the maze and its solution path in your puzzles – value $97

[+]   Show or hide the maze solutions path on the active page for easy viewing of the puzzles and respective solutions – value $97

[+]   Customize maze wall, solution path, and maze background color for complete control over the look and feel of your mazes – value $197

[+]   Multiple solution page layouts to suit your needs, choose from the options of having 1,2, 4, 6, or 8 solutions per page – value $97

[+]   Multiple solution path styles give you the freedom of choosing from solid, dotted, and dashed path designs – value $97

[+]   Customize thickness for the maze walls and solution paths – value $197

[+]   Get full control over the maze complexity customization with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface – value $97

[+]   Drag and drop text editor enables you to add titles, instructions, descriptions, and much more text content into your page layouts – value $97

[+]   900+ font options to select from – value $97

[+]   Customize font color by choosing the color of your choice from the inbuilt color palette – value $97

[+]   Download individual mazes or entire books in one click – value $197

[+]   Download the output mazes or maze books in multiple file formats: PNG, JPG, and PDF – value $97

[+]   Quick book creator option allows you to create complete books with hundreds of pages in a few short minutes – value $97

[+]   Automagically connect the solutions of the individual mazes to the respective puzzles – value $97

[+]   Detailed training included – value $97

[+]   Support team that’s committed to making you successful – value $97

=> But now you only need to pay less than 50 bucks for this product.


You can take a look at the upsells if you want to have the best experience:

Upgrade 1: Instant Maze Generator PRO ($67)

Upgrade 2: IMG PRO-LITE GOLD ($47)

Upgrade 3: IMG PRO-LITE PLATINUM ($47)

Upgrade 4: Instant Maze Generator PREMIUM ($67)

Upgrade 5: IMG PREMIUM LITE ($47)

Upgrade 6: Instant Maze Generator ELITE ($67)

Upgrade 7: IMG ELITE LITE ($47)

Note 01:

Again, please remember that these upsells are optional so you can purchase any you want (or not).

You must purchase the Front-End (FE) first and you can buy any OTOs then, if you purchase OTO(s) alone, you will receive nothing and it takes your time to request a refund, FE is a must-have package.


I could say that Instant Maze Generator is winning research that any publisher should own right now. You have spent a lot of time seeking and figuring out how your work can not develop, may you lose interest in writing books, but now this product will be your right-hand supporter.

I reckon that this spending is worth it and even brings you a jaw-dropping result. You can be confident to compete with others on Amazon KDP without worrying. Pick it now, the price may increase as soon as the timer hits ZERO and the launch ends.

Note 02:

Besides, we are very happy to support you ANYTIME if you get any troubles using the product, feel free to contact us through any channel you want.

Please remember that if you purchase this product through my Instant Maze Generator review, you will get tons of exclusive valuable bonus packages below for totally FREE.



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