Social Media – The Marketing Key For Mobile App

Social Media – The Marketing Key For Mobile App


Social Media Marketing is the most effective strategy in the current technology era. Therefore, knowing and understanding popular social networking sites will help you a lot in the promotion of mobile apps.

In addition, choosing the right digital marketing channel will help you connect with the right audiences and have the right potential, thereby achieving your marketing goals.

Influence Of Social Media

It is not natural that people think that social media is really such a big force in the era of technology 4.0.

More and more businesses are using Facebook as their main sales channel, willing to spend heavily on Facebook ads or advertising on other applications such as  Instagram, YouTube…

This shows social media. Really bring many options and potentials for businesses as well as sellers.

Currently, the number of people using social networks is extremely large and constantly increasing. According to Hootsuite, America and Asia are the two markets with the most users.

Each user spends an average of 3 hours per day to “roam” on social networks so bringing product marketing on this platform is essential for businesses when the number of users per day is really is a very impressive number that brings high reach for your product.

Advertising On Social Media Is Easier Than Ever

With the huge number of users that social media owns, social networks also provide and allow businesses to exploit advertising for products to reach customers in a better way.

Currently, advertising on social networking sites is being used a lot by businesses to reach the customer file and increase the ability to close orders.

In addition to the rich resources and powerful support from the 4.0 technology platform, advertising on social networks is easier and more convenient than ever.

Can see the entry of a series of advertising applications such as Grab Ads, Zalo Ads …

Enterprises entering this market show that advertising in social networking applications is having such great power.

Come on. Moreover, the utility from 4.0 technology to bring advertising on social media to businesses is stronger nowadays.


Ways To Leverage Social Media For Mobile App Developers

Use The Target Audience Feature

Nowadays, social media sites are very smart about taking money from you. A prime example is Facebook.

When running Facebook advertising services, you can use the function of focusing ads on the right target audience.

Facebook will allow you to choose which audience you want to advertise is male or female, old or young, urban or rural…

This is a much more effective advertising method than traditional advertising. So, please make the most of this function of social networking sites.

Change Ads Regularly

In traditional advertising, particularly TV advertising, repeating advertising is essential as it reminds consumers. However, for social media, attraction is the key to success.

Therefore, if you only have a single advertisement repeated daily, the percentage of users interested will be very low.

The best way to effectively promote social media is to be creative from the message, content to images, create new messages regularly to engage customers.


Start With Small Campaigns

This is an important rule to help you conduct effective social media advertising – social media. Not all companies are capable of executing advertising campaigns on a huge budget.

Multinational corporations are willing to spend money to run ads with high coverage and frequency.

However, if you want to save costs then try running your ads for a shorter period of time and lower frequency.

Check out the effectiveness and profitability of those small campaigns. This will help you to take slow but steady steps.

User Experience On Smartphones

With the current booming trend of using mobile phones, it is necessary to create designs and advertisements in accordance with the mobile user experience.

If your templates and ad designs are not suitable for mobile, first of all, those designs will be broken, enlarged, or reduced on users’ phones.

As a result, users will see your ad as a “trash can” that needs to be shunned. So, always keep your mobile experience in mind.

Be sure to use it regularly and include compelling content, customers will appreciate your efforts and will be less likely to give up on your service.

Social Media in the 4.0 era is an easy opportunity to connect customers with the application, take advantage of the platform thoroughly, which will help businesses get really unexpected results.

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