What Is Digital Marketing? Top Skills Digital Marketer Must Know

What Is Digital Marketing?

Top Skills Digital Marketer Must Know


Digital Marketing is a smaller piece of Marketing, requiring more in-depth knowledge of basic marketing strategies and creativity.

If you are considering trying out Digital Marketing, let’s find out what skills are needed and what is the job of a digital marketer.

Who Is Digital Marketer?

Usually, a digital marketer will involve using digital channels to create leads and build brand awareness.

Common digital channels include:

[+]   Company website

[+]   Social media

[+]   Search engine rankings (SEM)

[+]   Email marketing

[+]   Online advertising

[+]   Company blog

Based on this, digital marketers must use measuring tools to find weaknesses and ways to improve performance on these channels. Depending on the company, the digital marketer can either be responsible for the company’s entire digital strategy or focus on just one thing.

In SMEs or start-ups, there is often an expert or a general manager; Whereas in corporations, this responsibility can be allotted to one team or even to many different departments involved.

Areas Of Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, you can choose to learn everything to understand or just focus on developing 1 to 2 skills and extremely master them. For example, you can choose to be a coding creator or a tech geek with content skills on social media.

It’s an area where experience or internships speak for themselves. “Certifications are the new degree,” another statement from Justin Emig. There are many online certifications you can add to your CV, increasing your employer’s credibility.


This is often the best way to attract the attention of employers if you want a job in digital marketing. One point to note: Do not try to mention all of your “achievements” on the online platform as social networking sites of thousand followers.

Top Skills And Knowledge Required By Digital Marketer

1/ Video

One statistic shows that “In an age when users are surrounded by too much information, our concentration drops to about 8.25 seconds”. So to attract the attention of online users is never easy. Studies have shown that video increases engagement and leads to higher rankings on Google.

You don’t need to be a video producer, but you can learn how to make a basic video. Understanding how to write scripts, using platforms and apps to create videos, and the influences of video will be a big plus for you when applying for a digital marketing job.

2/ SEO & SEM

Search online to navigate digital advertising. You must understand search engine optimization (SEO) and SEM (search engine marketing) if you want to work in this industry. Don’t feel too worried about back-end usage.

Understanding the importance of SEO and its application in the industry is even more important. This is the first step in any digital marketing or content management campaign.

Understanding how SEO and SEM work and influence the overall goal will help you better coordinate with the rest of the digital team without feeling out of place or out of place.


3/ Content Marketing

Content (Content) is what attracts and engages customers whether it is a website, video, social media or blog. It could be anything people can search online: whitepapers, case studies, manuals, and so much more.

Understanding the aspects of content, how it is created, its effectiveness, and its best use, will give you a vast amount of knowledge enough to know about any role in digital marketing.

You also need to learn how content should be used to help your business achieve its goals, including on social media. Depending on the level of job you are looking for in digital marketing, you will also have to know about content strategy and measurement methods.

4/ Data & Data Analysis

Google Analytics is a popular and important tool of digital marketing. You can check the reports, but more importantly how you use the information you find.

Managing a project and applying results based on customer behavior will help you find a better solution to increase conversions and drive traffic.

Collecting and using data is also a very important skill because the data collected by the business is like a gold mine. It must be thoroughly and intensively analyzed to acquire and retain new customers.

5/ Design Thinking

Customer experience is the key to success on a digital platform. Design thinking is extremely important because it helps businesses understand how to best interact with customers.

But first of all, make sure that your customers’ online experiences are easy, simple, and effective. These may include online shopping, information access, and a number of other things your company has to offer customers including personalized applications.

You have to have a better overview of the outcome of your work and anticipate potential problems. You also have to suggest improvements based on your predictions and make sure your idea is viable.


6/ Knowledge Of Technology

Technology has a huge influence in today’s digital age. In order not to get lost in the industry, you must understand the latest technologies that are up to date and how it is being used.

Working in an industry that is always innovative, you also need to adapt quickly to the changing updates and perfect a marketing plan that is appropriate for the times.

I believe using technology is not too difficult for you. No matter what step you want to start (or end) in your career, you should still know about web coding and content management systems (CMS).

7/ Understand How To Interact

More than anything, you need to understand what is the best way to attract customers. You will need tremendous persuasion to be able to form a campaign to help grow your business.

To be able to do that you have to find out what helped the business to have the customers it is today and what drives the commitment and the conversion to buying.

However, the number of people following your social media pages is never enough to show the results of your work. You also have to convince people from the inside.

You will have to convince your team, the departments involved, and especially the boss that they are spending money on what is worth it.

Make sure you know everything from SEO to content and technology is responsive to everyone. That is the best way to keep your plan going.


Entering the digital marketing industry, you must be responsive to changes and develop a progressive mindset.

And remember that your campaign cannot be successful without the coordination of all your team members. So teamwork and leadership are two equally important skills you need to accumulate in the course of your work.

Thank you so much for reading my article to the end!


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