What Is Google Penalty? Wrong SEO Ways That Get Your Website Penalized From Google

What Is Google Penalty?

Wrong SEO Ways That Get Penalized From Google


Did you get Google Penalty? The task of Google’s algorithms has no tolerance for SEO spam or inadvertent violations of Google’s policies without your knowledge.

Google wants to provide users with accurate information and what users need most, Google constantly updated the algorithms are constantly updated to improve the ranking algorithm towards better serving users.

What Is Google Penalty?

Google Penalty is a penalty imposed by Google on a website based on Google’s search algorithms; penalties can be the result of algorithm updates or suspicions of black hat SEO tactics, such as suspicious links or keyword stuffing.

Google announced the Google Panda algorithm on February 24, 2011, to reduce the ranking of websites with poor quality content, spam content.

Penalties included removing low-quality content from Google rankings. In 2012, the Penguin algorithm was applied to punish forms of backlink manipulation, backlink spam in order to achieve high PageRank rankings.

Hummingbird algorithm will increase accuracy and create a natural interaction with users, by reviewing the entire article content to find results that are most relevant to what users want to search for.

Why Did You Get Penalized By Google?

Google can handle penalties automatically or manually, with a manual penalty you will receive a notification. But usually, you won’t get exactly what the cause is, even experienced SEO experts can get Google penalties.

Some signs of being punished:

   [+]   Websites do not have a good ranking position, keyword rankings keep decreasing in search results

   [+]   Your entire site has been removed from Google search results, check site:tendomaincuaban.com no results (sandboxed)

   [+]   Google doesn’t index new content

   [+]   Search Organic user traffic is steadily decreasing


Wrong SEO Ways That Are Easy To Get Penalized From Google

Unfortunately, if your website is penalized for the following reasons, you should know to avoid penalties from Google.

   [+]   Buy links to manipulate PageRank

   [+]   Excessive reciprocal linking – abuse of link exchanges with other sites

   [+]   Duplicate content – ​​make sure each page on the site has unique content

   [+]   Using H1 tags, it is mandatory to use only 1 H1 tag per page

   [+]   404 Internal: pages that do not exist content need 404 navigation to notify users and search engines

   [+]   Links from websites in other languages

   [+]   Stuffing keywords in the content, overcoming reading: 27 SEO criteria Moz

   [+]   Put a link at the bottom of the page (footer)

   [+]   Set up sitemap.xml

   [+]   Use hidden links on the page

   [+]   Broken external links – outbound links have 404 errors

   [+]   Content taken from other sites

   [+]   Hidden content on the page

   [+]   You overuse the anchor text

   [+]   Ignore Hreflang

   [+]   Website timeout or completely down down

   [+]   Keywords in anchor text do not match the content of the landing page

   [+]   Using the Blog Network

   [+]   Join the link exchange network

   [+]   Put links on all pages

   [+]   Abuse keywords on the page (do not use more than 5 times on the page)

   [+]   Slow page load speed

   [+]   Spinning steals content

   [+]   Spam comments in forums

   [+]   Hackers hack your website

   [+]   Link building too fast – link building speed is also too fast focusing on the landing page (unnatural)

   [+]   Reported spam by users

   [+]   So many links from user forums with signatures

   [+]   Error in robots.txt like to Disallow :/

   [+]   Links to suspicious ethical, legal, pornographic, and malicious sites

   [+]   Over-optimized, focus on writing natural content that prioritizes users

   [+]   Placing too many links out to external sites

   [+]   301 redirect to another page, will get a new penalty for the page you redirected.

   [+]   HTTP status 500 error codes from the server

   [+]   Google panelized malicious backlinks from pages, from offending pages that can be pranked by opponents

   [+]   Website Does not support mobile devices, there is no mobile version bản

   [+]   There are no external links, Google wants to know what source you refer to the content

   [+]   Accidentally acquired a domain name with a bad history

   [+]   Stealing content from other websites

   [+]   Excessive use of ads on the page, pop up

   [+]   Use a content farm – Copy content is not creative, has no informational value

   [+]   Automatic content generation

   [+]   Sneaky redirects, automatically redirecting users to unwanted pages

   [+]   Create pages with irrelevant keywords

   [+]   Creating pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing or installing viruses, trojans, or other malware

   [+]   Taking advantage of code snippets

   [+]   Send automated queries to Google

   [+]   Poor content has no value

   [+]   Too many links from poor quality sources

   [+]   Many links from unrelated sources


How To Fix?

Getting rid of a Google penalty isn’t always easy, it’s important to know that there are two types of penalties: manual and algorithmic.

Manual penalties issued by a Google employee, are most commonly brought up when your site is found to be doing something against Google’s Terms of Service.

This may include virus infection, cloaking, redirection, or link buying. Once you receive a manual penalty, you will have to complain to Google to have your site re-indexed; that means getting the site back into the search engine results before anyone can find you again.

On the other hand, an algorithmic penalty will occur automatically without manual intervention from Google. This is often the result of an algorithm change designed to rank high-value sites over those with weaker content or relevance.

Algorithmic penalties, like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, can affect sites with thin or duplicate content, keyword-stuffed copy, slow load times, or lack of incoming links; with this type of penalty, you will still rank in search, but possibly much lower.


Above are the reasons that may be intentional or unintentional that your website encounters. If you don’t want to get into trouble with a Google penalty, you should be careful that your website’s SEO doesn’t suffer from the above errors.

When you get a penalty, stop the SEO campaign and focus on fixing and removing it, then report it to Google for review.

Good luck!

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