SEO Unlocked


SEO Unlocked

With this video training, you will learn how to get a flood of online traffic without spending $1 a day with one of the great SEO experts.


Phase 01: SET UP

Welcome to SEO Unlocked

Course Itinerary DOWNLOAD
Personal Goal Worksheet DOWNLOAD

Introduction to SEO

Breaking Down Google’s SERP DOWNLOAD
Local Landing Pages DOWNLOAD
Local Directories List DOWNLOAD
Marketing Acronyms Glossary DOWNLOAD

Keyword Research Part 1

Musketeer Persona Worksheet DOWNLOAD
220 Profitable Buyer Keywords DOWNLOAD

Keyword Research Part 2

Musketeer Research Worksheet DOWNLOAD
Ubersuggest Keyword Planner DOWNLOAD
Keyword Research Guide DOWNLOAD

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Top 50 Pages DOWNLOAD

SEO Audit

SEO Audit Checklist DOWNLOAD

Phase 02: EXECUTE

Introduction to Content Marketing

Title Ideas DOWNLOAD
Data Sources DOWNLOAD
Supercharged Content DOWNLOAD

Advanced Content Marketing Tactics

20/20 Rulebook DOWNLOAD
Content Creation Template DOWNLOAD

10 Commandments of Content Marketing

$100k Challenge DOWNLOAD
10 Commandments DOWNLOAD
Editorial Calendar DOWNLOAD

How to Edit Your Content For SEO

Editing Checklist DOWNLOAD
Step-by-Step Guide to Editing DOWNLOAD

How to Supercharge Your Content

WordPress SEO Cheatsheet DOWNLOAD
Headline Formula DOWNLOAD
Competitive Analysis DOWNLOAD

Over 4 Million Backlinks Built With This Simple Process

Link Building Scorecard DOWNLOAD

How to Get Powerful Backlinks for Faster Rankings

Link Building Search Operators DOWNLOAD
Link Building Scorecard DOWNLOAD

Get Thousands of Backlinks On Semi-Autopilot

Outreach Templates DOWNLOAD

Phase 03: OPTIMIZE

How to Setup Google Analytics

SEO Taskmaster Worksheet DOWNLOAD

How to Setup Google Search Console

How to Use Advanced Features in Google Analytics

How to Build a Powerful Brand

Market Research Data Sources DOWNLOAD
Survey Templates DOWNLOAD

How to Define Your Brand Story

Your Bigger Contribution Worksheet DOWNLOAD
Unique Selling Proposition & Unique Value Proposition DOWNLOAD
Your Offer Worksheet DOWNLOAD

How to Build an Amazing Customer Experience

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