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As a website owner, you need to make sure your content is unique and engaging. With high-quality content, sky-high rankings on Google are easy than ever. Nevertheless, there is the truth that creating high-quality and fresh content is always a daunting task.

Perfect timing is a deciding factor in marketing, but what if you run out of content ideas? You will, without a doubt, lose your targeted customers! 

Furthermore, spending hundreds of dollars on hiring freelancers and expert writers is not always feasible, particularly for those who are new to the business and have a limited budget.

You are thinking of getting content from other sites? 

Get rid of your crazy idea right now!!! Stealing content from other people’s sites, with “auto blogging” scripts? Google will bury your site on page 467 of their results. And you’ll start getting “cease and desist” letters from the lawyers of the original content creators.

That is why you should think about choosing AffiliateMatica completely new and groundbreaking WordPress plugin. The creators will produce articles in seconds. Then, they add unique images to the content, add awesome YouTube videos, and format everything properly. Finally, the content gets posted on your website!

Check it out!

AffiliateMatic Review & Product Details

About The Tool

This WordPress plugin creates high-quality websites in the lucrative “digital marketing”, “work from home”, “make money online”, and “online business” niche in 2 mins. 

AffiliateMatic works in 3 steps:

Step 1: After you add AffiliateMatic to a new or existing WordPress site, you click the “Fetch Content” button.

Step 2: You add your favorite affiliate offers to the site. 

Step 3: Done. Your awesome site is ready.



Who Developed This Plugin?

The famous creator behind this product is George Katsoudas

He was born and currently lives in beautiful Greece. In 2003, he was searching for a way to work from home so he could set his own schedule. 

He is now a full-time internet marketer. He earns a living via blogging, affiliate marketing, and product development. He loves helping people. Currently, he mainly achieves this by developing useful WordPress plugins. His favorite hobby is surfing the “interwebz.”

Here are some of his previous launches so you can have a look: Video Profit Engine, Traffic Goliath, Lifestyle Design Accelerator, Associate Goliath 5.0, 1-Click Image Ranker, and many more.

AffiliateMatic Review – Recap What You’re Getting

This is a summary of what you are getting:

1/ Build Real Content Sites Fast With This WP Plugin

AffiliateMatic will generate 12 posts initially. But the creator will be adding more content every now and then.

Creates blog posts optimized for search engine and social traffic, with videos and images added:


2/ Have Pro Writers Create Content For You

AffiliateMatic doesn’t steal other people’s content, nor does it generate “gibberish”. The native-American, English-speaking, college-educated writers put together the content.

  • Then, they add unique images to the content.
  • Then, they add awesome YouTube videos.
  • Then, they format everything properly.
  • Finally, the content gets posted on your website!

3/ AffiliateMatic Is Designed For Digital Marketing

AffiliateMatic content is about “digital marketing”, “work from home”, “make money online” and “online business” niche(s). This sector is booming.

Plus, there are many lucrative affiliate programs you can promote. You’ll get a list of their favorite affiliate offers that generate nice commissions for them:


4/ AffiliateMatic Exclusive Launch Bonuses

  • Revenue Rolodex (Value $67): The “secret stash” of high-paying, high-converting affiliate programs you can start promoting immediately on your AffiliateMatic websites. 
  • Page-1 Protocol (Value $77): 10 simple ways to get more google traffic, without building backlinks. 
  • 10K Tactics (Value $77): 10 secrets of $10k/month WordPress sites. 

5/ Quick-Start Guides And Videos

AffiliateMatic comes with quick-start guides and videos. You can access them inside your member’s area.

Also, you can always reach out to the friendly support team for anything you need.

Is It Worth Purchasing?

From my experience, I am sure that you won’t find anything else out there like this tool out there in the market. 

Instantly create content for higher ranking without manual work

Surely you know that content creation requires a lot of skill and creativity. With this product, you can now effortlessly create content in some booming niches and receive traffic for years. Apart from posts being ready to use, it also adds images and Youtube links to the posts.

You need to have a domain name, a hosting account, and a WordPress site (it gets installed in 30 seconds, with a few clicks). The website can be completely blank with no content or have already-existing content.

I ensure that you’ll enjoy the evergreen content that this product generates. Just imagine the amount of traffic and revenue you could generate if you had the capacity to easily write high-quality content that Google would love to rank.

Easily customize the content as your favorite

The content will be editable as if you created the posts manually. The plugin also integrates with SpinRewriter, an app that rewrites text. They also have a 14-day free trial. This means you can have all the content rewritten automatically, for free.

Detailed training videos covered

Moreover, AffiliateMatic comes with quick-start guides and videos, you don’t need any technical skills or previous experience. You can access them inside your member’s area. 

There’s nothing you can do wrong with the dashboard because it’s so user-friendly. The exclusive AI technology included handles all of the heavy lifting for you. AffiliateMatic is not also designed for even 100% newbies, but it also works just as well if you’re a more advanced content marketer.

No need to hire content writers who charged you an arm and leg

The demand for content production is very high. You cannot have just one post for your website in a day. That’s why you go for writers who always charge you so much because they know you need them.

With this plugin, your WordPress site will be full of a lot of content in a few seconds. it helps you minimize your workload and make everything easier. From now, you will no longer be stressed to spend much money outsourcing freelancers or come up with engaging hooks and ideas.

AffiliateMatic Pricing & Upsell Details

AffiliateMatic FE

The $27 price may go up in the next few days. If you walk through my article painstakingly, there is no reason why you do not take it home now.

You just need to pay $27 which is a small amount but it will get content posted on unlimited sites. Thanks to this tool, you have the opportunity right now to have content published on your site to build a stable reliable monthly recurring income. 

By now you know what the right decision is here. If you are doubting whether this product really works or not, just give it a try because you are not going to lose anything. 

In case you are not satisfied with this product, simply reach out to the creator team within 30 days and get your money back.


AffiliateMatic Review – The Upgrades

Below are the upgraded versions for you to take a look at:

Upgrade 1: DFY Monthly Content Club – $19/month or $97/year

  • Launch multiple income-generating video sites effortlessly, every month.
  • Lucrative niches with rising demand but little competition.
  • Profitable keywords that are easier to rank for and get traffic with.
  • Authority youtube channels to get awesome video content from
  • Just copy & paste these into affiliatematic. The research and hard work has been done for you.

>>>More details<<<

Upgrade 2: AffiliateMatic Developer License – $39

  • Make $650+ repeatedly with the Developer License
  • Get paid by clients to add AffiliateMatic to their WordPress sites.
  • Charge clients any amount you want for this service, and bill them one-time, monthly, or yearly.
  • SELL (flip) sites that have the AffiliateMatic plugin installed.
  • Just 10 clients paying you $99 to build video sites for them makes you $950+ in profit easily.
  • Your clients will get free updates and 24/7 customer support. We’ll do all the work, and you keep 100% of the profits.

>>>More details<<<

Upgrade 3: Traffic Goliath PRO – $39

  • 10X Your Traffic and Profits in Half the Time With Traffic Goliath PRO
  • Boost rankings with overlooked tags from Google, YouTube, Amazon – PLUS Bing and Wikipedia
  • Get more traffic by automatically converting tags to meta keywords
  • Get hands-off SEO traffic by automatically adding tags to future posts
  • Revive your existing site’s traffic by automatically adding tags to older, existing posts
  • Get traffic and profits from all over the internet by downloading the tags and using them in other online promotion channels

>>>More details<<<

Upgrade 4: WP Empire Builder Enterprise – $39

  • Launch Your Empire of Profitable WordPress Sites, With a Few Clicks
  • 3,249+  happy customers in 23 countries
  • Deploys WordPress money sites in 1-click
  • Automates 85% of boring WordPress tasks
  • Manages your sites from one central dashboard
  • Save you tens of hours every month

>>>More details<<<

AffiliateMatic Review Conclusion & Bonuses

Nowadays, the competition is getting harder. If you don’t change and integrate you may be out of the race and can no longer make money from online work. 

I could say that change is inevitable. I hope that my AffiliateMatic review is worth your time reading and this product is the thing you are looking for.

Good news! I want to support you with all my best. If you make a purchase through my link, I would like to give you the handy bonuses that I’ve hand-picked for years. 

You’re 2 steps from getting all my mega bonuses:

Step 1: Click the button below to close the best price for AffiliateMatic:


Step 2: Check your WarriorPlus portal to get the bonuses. There is no need to send a bonus request email.

(if you cannot find it, just forward your receipt to the email, I will help you out immediately).

Mega Pack 1: 10 Beautiful Themes For Different Online Business Types

Mega Pack 2 – The Social Media Marketing Suite

Mega Pack 3 – Tools To Build Income On Social Media

Mega Pack 4 – The Video Tools

Mega Pack 5 – Graphic Elements For Versatile Usage


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